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Whole Milk - Gallon - $7.00
Bottled direct from our cows, our grass-fed guernseys produce rich, sweet, high-fat milk, kept raw to ensure the nutrients are intact. 
Cream - Pint - $9.00
Fresh cream hand-skimmed from our rich, guernsey milk. A 48-hour notice in advance is required to allow time for the cream to separate. 

Butter - $1.25/oz -SEASONAL
Handcrafted, unsalted. Will vary on price and weight due to being handcrafted. Available April - October on a first come, first serve basis.

Ice Cream - Pint - $6.00
Homemade with our milk and cream, pasture-raised eggs, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla, and real salt. 

Eggs - Dozen - $4.00/dz
Pasture-raised chickens. Gathered fresh and minimally cleaned. 

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Dairy + Eggs

All dairy products are produced on the farm, from our Guernsey Cows.
Raw. A2 Certified. Grass-fed.


Beef, Pork, Chicken + Organ Meats

BulkWe currently offer 1/4, 1/2, or whole cow purchases - text us to be added to the waitlist.

A choice between grass-fed/grain finished, or 100% grass-fed. 
Ground beef $6.00-$8.00/lb
*Chuck Roast - $6.00-$8.00/lb
*Ribeye- $11.00-$15.00
*KC Strip - $8.00-$13.00/lb
*Filet - $8.00-$13.00/lb
Pork All-natural nitrate-free pork. 
Bacon - $9.00/lb
Sausage - $6.00/lb
*Pork Chops - $5.50/lb
*Pork Shoulder -$5.50/lb
*Ham Steak - $5.50/lb

Whole Chicken - $3.00/lb OUT OF STOCK
Pasture-raised chickens, fed soy-free organic feed.

Organ Meats - Grass-fed only.
Up until a few generations ago, organ meats were the most valued part of the animal. Humanity through most of its history has known the massive health benefits. Everyone can benefit from consuming organ meats.
Liver -  $8.00/lb
*Heart - $6.00/lb
*Beef Bones - $3.00/lb

*Available upon request

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Bakery + Pantry Staples

Homemade Long-Fermented Sourdough Bread - 1loaf - $7.00
Made by hand with only the best ingredients, fermented for 72 hours. Pre-order by Sunday evening and pick up Thursdays after 10am. By Amy Arbuckle.

Local Honey with the Comb - Pint - $17.00 | without the comb $15.00
Honey sourced from the farm and other local farms (within 10 miles) with a piece of the comb intact. 
Red Bell Biscuits - 1/2 dozen - $5.00
Homemade to take and bake. Made with organic unbleached flour, our milk, butter, and eggs. RESTOCKED EVERY FRIDAY

Redmond Real Salt - 16oz - $10.00
Mineral salt, unbleached, unrefined, minerals still intact.

Strawberry Freezer Jam - 1/2 pint - $5.25
Hand-picked berries from the areas best strawberry farms. Made with organic cane sugar, pectin, and fresh lemon juice. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies - 1/2 dozen - $4.50
Homemade to take and bake. Made with organic unbleached flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips, baking powder, real salt, butter, organic brown sugar, pasture-raised eggs, organic vanilla extract, sea salt.

Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies - 1/2 dozen - $5.00
Homemade to take and bake. Made with organic unbleached flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips, raw cacao powder, baking powder, real salt,  butter, organic raw sugar, organic brown sugar, pasture-raised eggs, our milk, organic vanilla extract, sea salt.

Cream Pies - Mini - $10.00 | Full pie - $18.00 
Homemade fresh every Tuesday and Friday. Made with our milk and the best organic ingredients. Banana, Chocolate, and Coconut.

Seasonal Pies - mini - $10.00 | Full Pie - $18 
Homemade to take and bake, Made with locally grown and gathered fruit. Seasonal only.



Smidge Evening Magnesium - 60 day supply - $24.00
Formulated for easy digestion that supports restful sleep. No fillers. 

Smidge Digestive Enzymes - 60 day supply - $35.00
Lipase and protease plus 8 beneficial enzymes to aid digestion of healthy fats. No fillers.

Perfect Supplements Beef Liver - 120 capsules - $22.00
Grass-fed, undefatted beef liver.  Nature's multivitamin. No fillers.

Perfect Supplements Collagen - 60 servings - $38.00
Hydrolyzed collagen from grass-fed cows to support digestion, joint health, hair, skin, and nails. 

Perfect Supplements Beef Gelatin - 60 day supply- $35.00
From grass-fed cows to support digestion, joint health, hair, skin, and nails. Perfect for making gummies, jello, and custard.

Perfect Supplements Acerola Vitamin C Superfood 5.5oz - $37.00 
100% pure cherry Acerola powder. Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient that acts as an antioxidant in our body. 

Mother Earth Magnesium - 96 servings - $24.00
Magnesium is an essential element for all plant and animal life, as it aids in energy and protein production, metabolism, proper muscle function (critical for heart health), supports a healthy immune system, serotonin production, and the nervous system.  It is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions within the body. It calms nerves and anxiety, regulates other minerals (Calcium, Potassium, Sodium). Vital for prevention of migraine headaches, osteoporosis, and constipation.

Mother Earth Iodine -96 servings - $24.00
Extracted commercially from subterranean volcanic caves in South America, Iodine combines with Potassium to help the body produce hormones. Symptoms of Iodine mineral deficiency include goiters, hypo- as well as hyperthyroidism. Iodine helps strengthen, regulate and protect the thyroid and pineal glandular secretions from harmful radiations. Iodine is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Of all Mother Earth's Minerals, Iodine also exhibits the highest vibration.

Elder Farms Elderberry Syrup - 80z glass bottle - $20.00

Elderberries are high in antioxidants which support immune health.

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Personal Care

Red Bell Farm Moisturizer - 8oz - $25.00
Handmade with 100% grassfed beef tallow, high in vitamin E, choline, and selenium. Can aid in eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. 

Hippy Madness Plantain Salve - $10.00
A natural alternative to toxic ointments. Great for scars, bug bites, 

Earthly Magnesium Lotion 40z-$8.00 |80z - $15.00
Good night lotion to aid in sleep, great for kids. 

Earthly Lymphatic Cream 40z - $12.99
Lymphatic Cream is a lotion created to help relieve achy parts of the body caused by swollen lymph nodes. This cream tackles lymphatic congestion at the source and gently encourages drainage to help detox, reduce soreness, and improve overall wellness. 

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes 1.65lb - $9.75 | 4lbs $19.75      

Coming soon - goats milk soap and lotion. 

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