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Happy Birthday, America

Updated: Mar 24

The truest form of freedom does indeed still exist. Though it’s not easily seen, it still

stands in the cracks and crevices of what's left of our American foundation. No longer apart of the mainstream thought and totally outside the lines of our popular culture, true freedom is just around the corner, waiting for you to take her by the hand.

* * * * *

It’s not easy living outside the lines of the mainstream world.

Ryan and I have steadily pushed ourselves outside the bounds of society’s expectations our entire lives...this desire seems to only increase as we grow together as a couple, as parents, as individuals.

Running from everything you’re told to simply accept as truth often leaves you on the outside. You’re constantly either biting your tongue or engaging in an uncomfortable dialogue with someone that doesn’t agree or simply can’t reason with your school of thought.

Another challenge of living on the outside is the constant “inconveniences” that present themselves in every corner. When you choose not to accept everything as is, you’re left as the sole responsibility bearer to find the truth- something not always easily done in the post-modern world. You more often than not have to go the long way around. There are no quick fixes, no simply accepting things as they are.

Despite the challenges, we will never be convinced to follow the crowd. We will always take full responsibility for all areas of our life and our children’s lives. Be that in our faith, our housing, our finances, our health, etc. The state of my health is in my hands, not my doctors; the type of education my children receive is up to me, not the local elementary teacher; the foundations of doctrinal theology begins in my house, not at my local church. These wonderful amenities our country has built have been a great service to the lives of American citizens, I do see that. But they’re best when accepted as supplemental additives to our lives. We must first accept our lives, our whole lives, as solely our own.

There are many perks to living on the outside. The main thing being freedom. Freedom from reliance on anyone or any institution. Freedom from the generational expectations that change on a whim. Freedom from the rat race that asks you to value things and status above all. Freedom to accept the flow of life and enjoy it when you are, where you are.

The biggest blessing of beginning a business with my mom has been to see the astounding number of people that think outside the realm of the usual and “normal.” There’s a whole community of people stepping away from traditional thought and that does make it easier. There is a pride arising in those true freedom seekers. Not the kind of pride that makes you stand tall above everyone else, but the kind of pride that makes you want to give the shirt off your back to your fellow countryman; the kind of pride that makes you want to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make the world - starting locally- a better place. There’s plenty of work to be done, that’s no secret. But rather than proceed with a heart of defeat, may we instead march forward with a tenacity that won’t quit, and a heart for the lonely and lost. May we remember that freedom, true freedom, requires total responsibility and extreme ownership for every aspect of our lives and may we accept that fact in sheer felicity.

Happy birthday America, you’re still worth fighting for.

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