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Become a Customer

To become a customer, we require an appointment first so we can answer all questions and show you how milk pick up works!  Please read the following information prior to scheduling an appointment: 

Our primary goal is to offer farm fresh food -primarily raw milk- to you in a way that is convenient and easy for you!

To do this, we ask our customers to pick a day of the week (based on what we have available) to pick up their milk, weekly or bi-weekly.

This ensures their milk will be available when they want it and that they are getting the freshest milk possible.


If you or your family does not want to consistently pick up milk: then you can be a “spontaneous” customer. This means you simply text us when you want milk and we let you know if we have extra available or not.


If you miss a scheduled milk pick up day:

We will hold your milk for 24 hours. If your milk is not picked up within that time frame, we will move it to the spontaneous shelf for other customers. Unless we hear from you!


How it Works:

1)You arrive to the farm store on your milk pick up day.

2)You find your milk with your name card and grab your milk.

3)Put your name card back in the box.

4)Fill out the sign in sheet and pay.

5)Go home and enjoy the best raw milk in the Ozarks!

Text 417-234-9759 to schedule your first appointment!


If you want to shop but do not want to be a regular customer: 

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