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Beef, Pork, Chicken + Organ Meats

We currently offer 1/4, 1/2, or whole cow purchases - text us to be added to the waitlist.

A choice between grass-fed/grain finished, or 100% grass-fed. 
Ground beef - $6.00-$8.00/lb
*Chuck Roast - $6.00-$8.00/lb
*Ribeye- $11.00-$15.00

*KC Strip - $8.00-$13.00/lb
*Filet - $8.00-$13.00/lb

All-natural nitrate-free pork. 
Bacon - $9.00/lb
Sausage - $6.00/lb
*Pork Chops - $5.50/lb
*Pork Shoulder -$5.50/lb
*Ham Steak - $5.50/lb

Whole Chicken - $3.00/lb OUT OF STOCK
Pasture-raised chickens, fed soy-free organic feed.

Organ Meats - Grass-fed only

Up until a few generations ago, organ meats were the most valued part of the animal. Humanity through most of its history has known the massive health benefits. Everyone can benefit from consuming organ meats.
Liver -  $8.50/lb
*Heart - $6.00/lb
*Beef Bones - $3.00/lb

*Available upon request
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