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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the milk shelf-life?

We tell people 14 days, but have had many customers tell us it’s still good for 30 days.


Is it imperative that the milk stays cold? 

Yes. For every degree over 38 the milk gets, you will lose a day of shelf life. It also can compromise the taste of the milk if it gets too warm. We suggest everyone bring a cooler with ice/ice packs

What is the difference between A2 and non-A2? 

A2A2 refers to the milk protein casein structure. Most cows in the U.S have an A1A2 protein casein structure rather than an A2A2 protein casein structure. Because the A2A2 protein structure more closely resembles human milk, it is said to be more easily digestible than traditional milk. 

Do you skim the cream?

Our milk is full-fat and unskimmed. We do offer cream by the pints, on a pre-order basis only. 

Are you 100% grassfed?

We are 98% grassfed, feeding grain only during milking.

Are you certified organic? 

We are not certified organic. We do our best to use organic when possible, but that is not always an option for us. 

Do you offer 1/2 gallons? 

We only offer whole gallons.

What breed are your cows?

We have mostly Guernsey cows, with the exception of eight cows that are mixed breeds.

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