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Dairy + Eggs

All dairy products are produced on the farm, from our Guernsey Cows.
Raw. A2 Certified. Grass-fed.

Whole Milk - Gallon - $7.00
Bottled from each cow, our grass-fed guernseys produce rich, sweet, high-fat milk, kept raw to ensure the nutrients are intact. 
Cream - Pint - $6.00
Fresh cream hand-skimmed from our rich, guernsey milk. A 48-hour notice in advance is required to allow time for the cream to separate. 

Butter - $1.25/oz -SEASONAL
Handcrafted, unsalted. Will vary on price and weight due to being handcrafted. Available April - October on a first come, first serve basis.

Ice Cream - Pint - $6.00
Homemade with our milk and cream, pasture-raised eggs, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla, and real salt. 

Eggs - Dozen - $4.00/dz
Pasture-raised chickens. Gathered fresh and minimally cleaned. 

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