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Personal Care

Red Bell Farm Moisturizer - 8oz - $25.00
Handmade with 100% grassfed beef tallow, high in vitamin E, choline, and selenium. Can aid in eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. 

Hippy Madness Plantain Salve - $10.00
A natural alternative to toxic ointments. Great for scars, bug bites, 
Earthly Magnesium Lotion 40z-$8.00 |80z - $15.00 
Good night lotion to aid in sleep, great for kids. 

Earthly Lymphatic Cream 40z - $12.99
Lymphatic Cream is a lotion created to help relieve achy parts of the body caused by swollen lymph nodes. This cream tackles lymphatic congestion at the source and gently encourages drainage to help detox, reduce soreness, and improve overall wellness. 

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes 1.65lb - $9.75 | 4lbs $19.75     

  Coming soon - goats milk soap and lotion. 
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